Slogans of Taiwan Advocates

Guiding democracy and freedom

Establishing Taiwan as a priority in policy

Striving for political stability

Stimulating economic development

Upholding national sovereignty

Taiwan Advocates, working together for TaiwanConsolidating and giving expression to the power of the people

Taiwan Advocates was founded in December 2001 by former president Lee Teng-hui as a means to continue the process of democratization and localizationhe initiated during his tenure as president of the ROC. He assembled individuals of high ideals in Taiwan Advocates to give expression to and help consolidate the power of the people, to bring greater dpth to Taiwan’s democracy and foster a consciousness of Taiwan’s sovereign and independent status.

This work is especially urgent, as Taiwan has yet to free itself from the threat of Chinese imperialism and the pernicious legacy of authoritarian rule, both of which have led to the continuous disruption of Taiwan’s political development. Compounding this challenge, the Taiwanese people have yet to develop a clear national identity, which makes it imperative that a Taiwanese consciousness be nurtured if we are to see the healthy development of civil society in Taiwan. Therefore, Taiwan Advocates aims to strengthen Taiwanese national identityand consciousness in the process of enhancing democratic culture and consolidating the sovereignty of the people. The organization carries out this work by carrying out a variety of activities to raise awareness and bring together the ideas and strength of the people to fight for Taiwan’s future.

Taiwan Advocates: A think tank committed to action

Taiwan Advocates performs the basic functions of a think tank, bringing together scholars and specialists from various fields for discussion on issues of national concern, including politics, foreign policy, the economy, society, national defense, education, and technology. But in addition to this, Taiwan Advocates views itself as a dynamic organization that looks to move its ideals beyond discussion and policy proposals to put its beliefs into practice through participation at the grass roots level. It strives to serve as a bridge between the academic sphere and grassroots society, fusing the ideasand the strength of Taiwan’s people to promote new legislation, formulate new policies and exert a positive influence on the political development of our country.

What do we do?

1. Conduct research on issues of national concern to push forward policy and legislation

2. Organize a variety of activities to propagate new ideas about Taiwanese consciousness and build consensus on this issue

3. Conduct polls on current issues as a reference for the government

4. Operate the “Lee Teng-hui School”(Lee Teng-hui Academy)

5. Publish books, pamphlets and CDs